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Need Help with the Project Stream Application?

PCA-keystone-centered-rgbThe PCA Project Stream grant application can be a challenge, especially if you are completing it for the first time! To make the process a bit easier, here is an application process checklist and a list of frequently asked questions that will help you through the application steps.

Application Process Checklist

  • In eGrant – Use the same login each year, do not re-register each year
  • Contact your PPA Partner if you forget your login or password
  • Complete all pages in eGrant
  • Write your narrative questions in Word, then copy and paste in eGrant
  • Before submitting, you can look at the pdf version of the application to proofread. To do this – go back to eGrant Home Page (click on tiny “house” icon to go back to Home Page) and select “view” instead of “edit”. This brings up the pdf document that may be easier for you to read.
  • After submitting in eGrant, return to the home page and click on “History” in the far left column. The submitted document is there and can no longer be edited. Put a checkmark in the box to the left of the application and hit “view” above. This is the document that you must print.
  • Print the required number of copies of the document as indicated on the application check sheet at the end of the pdf document. Print single sided. Sign all copies at the bottom of page 1.
  • Mail to PPA Partner by the postmark deadline

Project Stream Applicants – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do I mail the application? To your PPA Partner – this information can be found at the PCA website.
  • Do I have to mail it somewhere, or is it just submitted on line? The application is filed online, then printed (single sided), signed in blue ink, and mailed to the PPA Partner.
  • What do I do with the support materials? Support materials are to be included with the grant application. They are uploaded following the instructions in eGrant.
  • After I submit on line I can’t find the application in eGrant again. In eGrant, your will find new documents under the column on the left under “Drafts”. After a document is submitted on line it can be found in the category “History”. Documents in “Drafts” can be edited multiple times. Documents in “History” can only be viewed and printed, not edited.
  • How do I print the application? After submitting a document on line, go back to the Home Page (click on the small house icon near the top left of any page). Find the submitted document under “History” and click on the check box at the left of the document. Next click on the “View” icon. This will open the document as a pdf which you can print. You may need to use a different browser if the pdf document does not appear correctly.
  • How many copies do I send in? There is an application check sheet that is included with the printed pdf document. This sheet shows how many originals are to be mailed. All copies must have original signatures. Please make these copies single sided.
  • Do I need to send a DVD or CD? You may send a DVD or CD as a part of your support materials if you are unable to upload to eGrant. If you have questions about what to submit please contact your PPA Partner.
  • Can we fund our event this summer? Funded projects must take place in the grant year which is September 1 through August 31.
  • Can projects change theme after award distributed? Grant applications are judged on the project that is described. You may not make changes to the scope of the project after the grant awards have been announced. Please contact your PPA Partner if you have questions about allowable minor changes.
  • Is matching/3rd year required if not consecutive applications? Any organization that has received PCA funding for 2 years (does not need to be consecutive years) must show a 1:1 dollar match.
  • Can we fund K-12 Activities in schools? School activities may be funded if they include a public (after school hours) component. Please contact your PPA Partner if you have a project that includes a school component.

For any other questions and concerns please contact PRAA’s Executive Director. Remember, the deadline for this year’s grant application is June 20, 2017.

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