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Arts and Culture are Important

The ArtsHave you recently attended a concert, seen an art exhibit, visited an arts festival? Was this experience an enjoyable one, and did it leave you with a feeling of contentment and well-being? Maybe you passed by a location that had been abandoned and is now filled with a beautiful piece of artwork and a colorful wall mural. Maybe you attended a performance in a warehouse space that was converted into a lovely theater. This is the impact of arts and culture in our communities. The arts are essential to the health and vitality of neighborhoods, cities, states and our nation. They enhance community development, create jobs, spur urban renewal, attract new businesses, draw tourism dollars, and create an environment that attracts skilled and educated workers. Without arts and culture, our world would be a very different place!

Proposed cuts to funding for arts and culture are a threat locally and nationally. We are looking for stories that tell about how the arts and culture have made an impact on the region that PRAA covers.  What has happened in your community because of the arts? Your stories are important to share with local and national legislators when we ask them for support for arts funding.

Please share your stories and we will tell them! Click here to respond.

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