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Arts Events Losing Audiences Due To Election Binge-Watching?

Are your audiences at your arts and cultural events smaller than anticipated in the past months? Could it be because people are staying home and watching election coverage non-stop? If this is true for your arts group, you are not alone. The Wall Street Journal recently published an article on how marketers are getting creative to draw audiences back to new TV shows, books, and movies.

To avoid competition with the September 26 presidential debate, major networks delayed new season premieres until October. HBO released episodes of 3 new series two days early on its digital platform to avoid losing audiences to the October 9 debate.

Booksellers, also suffering from decreased sales, have to ship new books to vendors in order to be on stores’ tables for holiday buying starting in November. Movie watching in theaters continues to decline.

The opposite story is the case for news outlets and late night TV talk shows. Viewership for the cable news networks was up 39% compared to the same period during the last presidential election, with the amount of time people spent watching these channels also increasing over the previous election. Late night TV talk shows are having a field day with so many political hijinks to comment on.

Let’s hope that after the election our audiences will be in need of comfort and will flock to our museums, theaters, and concert halls in droves!

Read the full WSJ article here.

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